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Lab - Aquisition

The facility incorporates the ActiveTwo multi channel, high resolution biopotential measurement system from BioSemi for research applications.

It has the potential to record up to 280 channels although the lab currently employs a standard 128 channel Active electrode setup.

For further information on the system go to BioSemi.

The costs of using the facility are outlined in the table below.

Resource Cost for 2 hour session (£) Standard Rate
Note 1
Internal Rate
Note 2
PhD Rate
Note 3
Dedicated ERP Engineer 74 30 19
Facility 105 42 26
Facility excluding caps 93 37 23


1. For external costing purposes - 'Full Economic Cost'. The 'price' may vary and will depend on the nature of the funder.

2. This is the rate for internal usage where Personal Account funds are used. However, for the first year to 31 October 2012, only those with current grants will be charged. This is to encourage the collection of pilot data to support grant submissions.

3. This is the charge rate for PhD students who are collecting data as part of their studies and who have supporting funds (RTSG/Other).

Rates will be reviewed every 12 months.

If you wish to book the lab follow the link.

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